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Why Private EFT Tapping Coaching with Erin?

Private EFT Tapping coaching allows us to dive deep into issues, blocks or traumas to clear the root causes of a problem such as anxiety, PTSD or fear. Often it is relatively easy to identify a problem but uncovering the underlying aspects or true cause of the problem rarely are. Tapping alone or in a group can often bring some relief, but not nearly the results you would experience with one-on-one private EFT tapping coaching.

This is nearly impossible to do alone because you might miss, ignore or shy away from a critical piece that would finally release you from the emotion, trauma, physical pain, memory, experience or habit that has you blocked or stuck.

Private sessions with Erin provide complete focus, safety and additional insight to a problem.

Erin holds the space for you and guides you with compassion. Her non-judgmental approach and nurturing perspective help you navigate through what might be painful or difficult, deep rooted problems. Erin is with you on this journey with love, empathy and expertise. People tend to move away from or avoid stressful situations or things that make them feel uncomfortable. Most times these are the EXACT situations and circumstances that cause us to feel stuck, not enough, negative or unworthy. Erin helps you to go exactly where you need to but might not be willing or able to go alone to heal, move through and emerge happier, more successful and content.

Energy Medicine Professional Association - Insured Practitioner

Private EFT sessions benefit those looking for relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, stress-related health issues and pain. EFT has been proven to be remarkably effective in treatment of PTSD and was recently approved by the Veterans Administration as a healing modality and treatment option for veterans suffering from PTSD.

EFT can be used to treat fears, stress, overwhelm, phobias, cravings, addictions, prolonged negative thinking, physical pain and other emotional and physical conditions. Emotional relief is immediate and lasting, even with distressing events that happened in the past.

Private EFT Tapping coaching with Erin is available for both business and life but by application only.

Erin is a high level EFT Tapping coach that works with a limited number of clients each year.