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Erin’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore and expand on difficult topics with personal experience storytelling, extreme honesty and authentic vulnerability. Her humor lightens the room and allows her audience to uncover pain points in a safe environment. Erin leaves her audiences with concrete strategies that can be put into action immediately. Erin is an extremely powerful and unique speaker because she brings her energy healing work into every speaking engagement. As an EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping coach Erin can guide and educate her audience to release negative energy and emotions through this valuable healing modality.

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speaking topics

Self-Worth, Self-Love and Self-Care

These are your SUPERPOWERS! Discover and embrace your full worthiness and essence. Rid yourself of guilt, second guessing, negative and self-sabotaging behaviors. Learn new powerful ways to treat yourself with love and care. YOU are Worthy Now!


Learn to be the leader of yourself and inspire others through integrity, respect and vulnerability. Take full responsibility for your actions and those that you lead while giving credit to your team and organization for victories. Great leaders create a culture where others get to shine, make mistakes, learn and are motivated by the support and example that they have before them.


Improve communication in business and in life by increasing your own self-awareness. Learn strategies and tools that can be applied and implemented immediately for radical results. Open your heart and mind, prepare to experience a whole new and improved way to communicate!

Creating A Happier Work Environment

Creating a Corporate Culture that tops the Happy List!

Erin works with corporations and organizations to create a happier work environment through positive mindset, communication, teamwork and stress reduction. Her interactive presentations and workshops allow colleagues to connect and lead. Embracing and celebrating each other’s strengths, weaknesses and diversity is a must in creating a happier work environment. A happy workplace is a productive, successful work environment!

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Some of Erin’s speaking and consulting clients include:
  • United Nations Foundation, Boston Coalition
  • MetroWest Conference for Women
  • Massachusetts Women’s Veterans Conference
  • Driven Cape Cod Conference for Women
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Nichols College
  • MIAA, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
  • Women Veteran Speakers
  • KGA
  • MetroWest Chamber of Commerce
  • West Suburban YMCA
  • The YMCA Professional Network (YPN) formerly Association of YMCA Professionals (AYP), NEC Conference, Northeast Regional Conference
  • Metro Meeting Center Boston
  • A-Speakers

“I was in your workshop yesterday in Franklin. I just wanted to thank you!!! I was so empowered and inspired after hearing you speak!! It was seriously one of the best workshops I have been to in my 18 years of teaching. I feel like you are my spirit animal, as crazy as that sounds. I was just in awe of your positive energy and felt like I had to leave and start thinking of how to incorporate what you said in my life immediately. I am going to be forwarding your information to our Professional Development committee and see if we can get you to come to speak to our district because I truly feel like we need your energy in our district. Thanks again for your inspiration.”

Katie C.

“Erin Mahoney’s workshop for women was the best thing I have done for myself and a re-birth. She has given me the tools,guidance and encouragement to learn self-love that will empower me in making choices to make my life worthy and happy! I recommend this program 100%!”

Lynne D.

“THANK YOU doesn’t seem like a strong enough sentiment for my feelings after taking Erin’s Empowering Women 6-week program! In just 6 weeks, I have learned more about myself and strategies for handling stressful situations than with 3 therapists over 10 years! Her open, honest approach to life really works! She is able to relate so many of her strategies to her own life’s experiences and thus making it even more authentic and relatable. We learned several stress relieving strategies such as visualization, meditation, yoga and tapping and we even created vision boards of our future goals and dreams. I was hesitant to take time for this class and felt I had so many other things to do,however, it was so worth it. I’m still using the strategies and learning about myself and couldn’t be happier! AGAIN, THANK YOU ERIN MAHONEY!”

Justine J.

Erin Mahoney is my hero. Having known Erin for many years, her energy and positivity are undeniable. Seeing her as a presenter for the first time really struck me. She was born to do this! Erin has a gift, and she wants to give it, share it and help you to be your best self. She shares her own victories, and some of the hard stuff too, making her relate-able. If she can share, we can too. Erin gets you to dig deep, find humor, an most importantly….love yourself. Don’t miss her!

Kelly K.

I am fortunate enough to have heard Erin Geddes Mahoney speak multiple times and if you are looking for motivation, positivity and impact then look no further. Erin’s authenticity as a speaker is refreshing. Her ability to intertwine personal stories, real life examples and manageable strategies allows her to connect quickly with her audience. Erin is dynamic, with a quick wit and the incredible skill to pivot in the moment.


Empowering women is Erin’s purpose, and this is easy to see when she stands on a stage and speaks.

Jen Karofsky, Ed.M., CHHC, CPCC, Life Curator

I have had the pleasure of knowing and learning from Erin Mahoney for over a year. Her positive spirit and genuine desire to be a force for good are infectious. When speaking she lifts everyone up with her energy and enthusiasm. Audiences respond her authenticity and her ability to relate deep topics to any age is truly a gift.

Kathryn R.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Erin speak in multiple places. She shares from the depth of her soul and brings you on a journey towards your own destiny. She’s passionate and funny; smart and intuitive. She is knowledgeable and talented in so many areas.

Jody C.

I had the fortune to attend one of Erin Mahoney’s workshops and was blown away by her warmth, insightfulness and incredible content. Erin is able to create transformative experiences through her energy, her breadth of knowledge and her ability to instantly connect with everyone in the room. I honestly felt like I had attended a full day event in just a couple of hours, leaving with new skills, a new outlook and a renewed sense of self. If you are lucky enough to engage with her, jump on the chance! Erin is an amazing powerhouse of a woman!

Brenda C.

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